Despite Hancock being on Netflix, it is unavailable in some countries due to geo-blocks imposed by the streaming platform. Luckily, there are safe workarounds we will get into in this article that will allow you to watch Hancock on Netflix from anywhere. Let’s dive in!

Summary: How to Watch Hancock on Netflix

You need a VPN to access Hancock on Netflix in countries where it’s not available. Here’s how:

1. Subscribe to a top-rated VPN, like ExpressVPN.
2. Download and install the right ExpressVPN app for your device.
3. Connect to a server in the UK, Canada, or Australia.
4. Log in to Netflix and find Hancock.
5. Hit Play and Enjoy!

Is Hancock on Netflix?

How to Watch Hancock on Netflix

Yes, Hancock is available on Netflix, but due to geographical restrictions enforced by the streaming platform, it is hidden from viewers in countries like the US.

Fortunately, thanks to VPNs, users can safely watch Hancock on Netflix from the comfort of their homes.

How? In the next section, I will walk you through how to watch Hancock on Netflix from anywhere in the world.

How to Watch Hancock From Anywhere

  1. Subscribe to a VPN: I recommend ExpressVPN for its fast streaming speeds and consistency in bypassing geo-blocks on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock, and more.
  2. Download and install ExpressVPN: This top-rated app has dedicated apps for all popular devices. In addition, one subscription allows you to connect up to six devices!
  3. Log in to the ExpressVPN app: Use the account details from step one to log in to your newly installed ExpressVPN app.
  4. Connect to a server in the UK, Australia, or Canada.
  5. Log in to Netflix and find Hancock.
  6. Hit Play and Enjoy!

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN For Watching Hancock on Netflix

expresss vpn homepage

Out of the dozen VPNs I have tested, ExpressVPN has stood out as the best VPN for streaming Netflix. Why?

  1. Beginner-friendly: ExpressVPN is aesthetically pleasing and intuitive to use. It took me one click to connect to a UK server and stream Hancock.
  2. Blazing fast speeds: ExpressVPN maintained close to my raw speeds, which is rare for VPNs. This allowed me to stream Hancock with no lag.
  3. Number of servers: ExpressVPN has a vast server network spanning 94 countries. This allows you to access the Netflix libraries of these countries.
  4. 7-day free trial: iOS users can try out ExpressVPN completely free for seven days!
  5. 30-day money-back guarantee: You can test out ExpressVPN for 30 days before fully committing.

Hancock: Plot

Hancock is a 2008 superhero film directed by Peter Berg, starring Will Smith in the titular role as John Hancock, an unconventional and often unlikable superhero with extraordinary powers, including superhuman strength, invulnerability, and flight.

Unlike typical superheroes, Hancock’s abrasive attitude and destructive approach to crime-fighting have made him a public nuisance. However, when he saves the life of a public relations specialist, Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), Ray offers to rebrand Hancock’s image and help him become the hero the city needs.

Here are some tidbits on Hancock that you may be interested in.

Will Smith’s Interest in the ScriptWill Smith was so intrigued by the “Hancock” script that he pursued the project, pushing for its development and eventually becoming the lead actor and producer of the film.
Real Destruction in FilmingTo be authentic, the film used practical effects and real destruction for some of the action scenes, resulting in several million dollars worth of damage.
Early Title ControversyThe film was initially titled “Tonight, He Comes” before changing it to “Hancock.” The original title was considered too explicit for marketing purposes.
Incomplete Script during FilmingFilming began without a completed script, which meant that certain scenes were improvised or rewritten on the spot, leading to a unique and unpredictable filming experience.
Jason Bateman’s Real-Life InjuryJason Bateman, who played Ray Embrey, suffered a real-life injury on set when he was hit by a truck while filming a scene, but he recovered and completed his role.
Will Smith’s Physical TrainingFilming began without a completed script, meaning certain scenes were improvised or rewritten on the spot, leading to a unique and unpredictable filming experience.

FAQ: How to Watch Hancock on Netflix

Didn’t find what you were looking for in the article? Below are some frequently asked questions on how to watch Hancock on Netflix from anywhere.

Where Can I Watch Hancock Online?

Hancock is available to stream on Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. However, in some countries, viewers cannot watch Hancock on any of these platforms due to geo-restrictions. If that’s the case, you can use a safe and reputable VPN to bypass these restrictions and watch Hancock from anywhere.

What countries can watch Hancock on Netflix?

You can watch Hancock on Netflix in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Can I watch Hancock on Netflix with a free VPN?

Yes, but based on my experience, free VPNs are not the best at streaming due to throttled speeds, overcrowded servers, and limited servers for bypassing geo-blocks.