The thriller Jaws is available on Netflix. Unfortunately, it is not available in every country. This is due to geographical restrictions enforced by Netflix.

Luckily, the step-by-step instructions in this article will show you how to watch Jaws on Netflix from the comfort of your home.

Summary: How to Watch Jaws on Netflix

You need a VPN to watch Jaws on Netflix in countries where it’s unavailable. Here’s how:

1. Subscribe to a top-rated VPN, like ExpressVPN.
2. Download and install the right ExpressVPN app for your device.
3. Connect to a server in Italy.
4. Log in to Netflix and find Jaws.
5. Hit Play and Enjoy!

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Why You Need a VPN to Watch Jaws

Netflix has licensing agreements with media creators and broadcasting houses. These agreements dictate which regions Netflix will air particular movies and shows.

Netflix determines if you’re in a region that should access a particular movie or TV show by using your IP address.

A VPN spoofs your IP address, and as a result, it changes your digital location. This allows you to access geo-blocked Netflix libraries.

How to Watch Jaws From Anywhere

How to Watch Jaws on Netflix
  1. Subscribe to a VPN: I recommend ExpressVPN. It’s beginner-friendly and blazing fast for streaming Netflix.
  2. Download and install ExpressVPN: It has an app for all popular devices, like Windows and MacOS, Android and iPhone, and much more.
  3. Log in to the ExpressVPN app: Use the details from step one to log in to the app.
  4. Connect to a server in Italy.
  5. Log in to Netflix and find Jaws.
  6. Hit Play and Enjoy!

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN For Watching Jaws on Netflix

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You need a safe and reliable VPN to stream Jaws on Netflix and other movies and shows that are blocked in your country.

  1. A vast network of servers: ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers in 94 countries. This allows you to bypass geo-restrictions on Hulu, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and more.
  2. Eight simultaneous connections: You can connect up to eight different devices under one subscription. You can also share with family and friends.
  3. 24/7 live chat support: Available around the clock to offer you help when you need it.
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee: If you’re on the fence, you can test out ExpressVPN for 30 days before fully committing.

Watch Jaws: Plot

Jaws is a famous American thriller film released in 1975, directed by Steven Spielberg, and based on a novel of the same name by Peter Benchley. The film is set in the fictional New England beach town of Amity Island and revolves around a great white shark that terrorizes the community.

The story follows the town’s police chief, Martin Brody (played by Roy Scheider), as he deals with the fear and panic that erupts after a series of shark attacks occur along the shores of Amity Island during the peak summer tourist season. Brody teams up with a marine biologist named Matt Hooper (played by Richard Dreyfuss) and a grizzled shark hunter named Quint (played by Robert Shaw) to hunt down and kill the massive predator.

Here’s the trailer for Jaws.

Here are interesting facts about the Jaws movies.

Original TitleThe original title of Peter Benchley’s novel was “Jaws,” but it was initially published as “The Stillness in the Water.” The title change occurred during the publishing process.
Bruce the SharkThe mechanical shark used in the film was affectionately named “Bruce” by the crew, after Steven Spielberg’s lawyer, Bruce Ramer. It had three different mechanical sharks for various scenes.
Robert Shaw’s Real TattooRobert Shaw, who played Quint, had a tattoo on his arm that read “USS Indianapolis.” It was authentic as he’d served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, including the sinking of the USS Indianapolis.
The “Dum-Dum” ThemeJohn Williams’ famous “da-dum” theme music, associated with the shark’s presence, is one of the most recognizable and iconic pieces of film music ever composed.
Realistic ScreamingThe scream of the character Alex Kintner, when he’s attacked by the shark, is genuine. Spielberg got the scream he wanted by scaring the young actor with a joke just before the take.

FAQ: How to Watch Jaws on Netflix

Below are frequently asked questions on how to watch Jaws on Netflix.

Is Jaws on Netflix?

Yes, Jaws is available to watch on Netflix. However, it’s only available in a few countries like Italy. Luckily, you can change your digital location to Italy by using a VPN, as described in this article.

Where Can I Watch Jaws Online?

You can watch Jaws on Netflix, Peacock TV, ReDiscover Television, ROW8, Prime Video, Apple TV, Redbox. or Vudu on your Roku device.

What countries can watch Jaws on Netflix?

You can watch Jaws on Netflix in Italy, Spain, Australia, and Austria.

Can I watch Jaws on Netflix with a free VPN?

Yes, but I strongly advise against it. Free VPNs tend to be slow for streaming due to congested servers.