Madagascar is available on Netflix but is limited to some countries. Luckily, through research and personal experience, I found a way to watch Madagascar on Netflix from anywhere in the world safely.

Summary: How to Watch Madagascar on Netflix

You need a VPN to access Madagascar on Netflix in countries where it’s not available. Here’s how:

1. Subscribe to a top-rated VPN, like ExpressVPN.
2. Download and install the right ExpressVPN app for your device.
3. Connect to a server in Canada or UK.
4. Log in to Netflix and find Madagascar.
5. Hit Play and Enjoy!

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Madagascar

How to Watch Madagascar on Netflix

Netflix has licensing agreements with content creators and broadcasting houses. These agreements dictate which countries Netflix will air their content and which countries it won’t.

As a result, Netflix viewers from different parts of the world have access to different content on Netflix. But how does Netflix know where you’re located? The IP address of the device exposes your location and other personal information.

However, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) hides your IP address and replaces it with a new one from a country of your choosing. This allows you to access different Netflix libraries in different countries.

How to Watch Madagascar From Anywhere

  1. Subscribe to a VPN: I recommend ExpressVPN for its beginner-friendliness and blazing speeds for streaming.
  2. Download and install ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN has an app for every popular device. You can download the right app from the Express VPN website or respective App stores.
  3. Log in to the ExpressVPN app: Use the account details you entered in step one to log in to your ExpressVPN app.
  4. Connect to a server in Canada or the UK. Pick a server that is closest to you to ensure fast speeds.
  5. Log in to Netflix and find Madagascar.
  6. Hit Play and Enjoy!

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN For Watching Madagascar on Netflix

express vpn homepage

Now that you’ve understood why you need a VPN to bypass geo-blocks imposed by Netflix and other streaming platforms, let’s discuss why ExpressVPN is the best VPN for the job.

  1. A vast network of servers: ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers in 94+ countries! This is sufficient for unblocking all major Netflix libraries.
  2. Blazing speeds: ExpressVPN has the highest speeds I have ever seen for a VPN. As a result, I use it for gaming, streaming, and more.
  3. Simultaneous connections: You can connect up to six devices with one subscription.
  4. Privacy: ExpressVPN has privacy features such as cutting-edge encryption to anonymize and keep your data from the wrong hands.
  5. 30-day money-back guarantee: If you’re still on the fence, you can test ExpressVPN for 30 days and get a full refund before the days are up if you are not satisfied.

Watch Madagascar: An Overview

Madagascar is a 2005 animated film produced by DreamWorks Animation, which follows the adventures of four animal friends from the Central Park Zoo who unexpectedly find themselves shipwrecked on the island of Madagascar.

The film, directed by Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath, features the voices of Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, and Jada Pinkett Smith as the main characters. As they struggle to survive in the wild, the animals confront their limitations and embrace their wild instincts, leading to a series of humorous and heartwarming escapades. Madagascar is known for its colorful characters, catchy soundtrack, and comedic storytelling that appeals to both children and adults.

Fans of this epic animation can find some interesting information below.

Influence of “Gilligan’s Island”The premise of animals stranded on an island was inspired by the TV show “Gilligan’s Island.” The character Skipper even shares the name of a character from the show.
Hidden Adult ReferencesThe film includes subtle humor aimed at adults, such as a reference to “Fight Club” in one scene where characters talk about breaking the first rule of “Fight Club.”
Real Zoos as ReferenceThe filmmakers visited real zoos, including the San Diego Zoo, to study animal behavior and habitats to ensure the characters’ movements and settings were realistic.
Diverse Lemur SpeciesThe film features lemurs, but not just any lemurs. The ring-tailed lemurs in “Madagascar” are of a different species than the more commonly known “King Julien” character.
Real-life InspirationsSome characters were inspired by real-life animals, like the “King Julien” lemur character, which was inspired by a type of lemur known as the Coquerel’s sifaka.

FAQ: How to Watch Madagascar on Netflix

Here are the frequently asked questions on how to watch Madagascar on Netflix from anywhere.

Is Madagascar on Netflix?

Yes, Madagascar is on Netflix. However, it is geo-blocked or limited to some countries. Luckily, you can use a VPN, as shown in this article, to watch Madagascar from anywhere in the world.

Where Can I Watch Madagascar Online?

You can watch Madagascar on Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, Peacock, and Hulu.

What countries can watch Madagascar on Netflix?

You can watch Madagascar on Netflix in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Can I watch Madagascar on Netflix with a free VPN?

Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Based on my experience, free VPNs tend to be super slow for streaming due to congested servers. Also, they are not consistent at bypassing geo-blocks set by Netflix.