The Fresh Prince turned actor has a stream of blockbuster movies under his belt. In this article, we will delve into Will Smith’s best movies on Netflix.

From alien-busting adventures to heartwarming dramas, we’ll take you on a cinematic journey through some of Smith’s most entertaining and unforgettable films. Let’s dive in!

1. The Pursuit of Happyness: Best Will Smith Rags to Riches Movie on Netflix

Best Will Smith Movies on Netflix

The Pursuit of Happyness is hands down one of the best Will Smith movies on Netflix. It’s a heartfelt rollercoaster that’s well portrayed by Will Smith’s emotional prowess. His performance as Chris Gardner is nothing short of extraordinary, injecting raw, genuine feeling into this real-life rags-to-riches story. It’s an incredible story, but occasionally, it leans a bit too heavily on hardship. Nevertheless, the film’s authenticity and Will Smith’s transformative role make it a tearjerker worth watching, reminding us that dreams can be achieved, even when life is at its toughest.

Available countries: UK, Canada, Australia

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2. Gemini Man: Best Will Smith Action Movie on Netflix

best will smith action movie on netflix

Gemini Man showcases Will Smith’s undeniable charisma in a double role, and the technological achievement of creating a younger CGI version of the actor is an interesting tidbit. While innovative, the film’s high-frame-rate visual style may leave some feeling disconnected from the story, and the writing fails to provide the depth that the film’s concept promises. Gemini Man is a missed opportunity in the sci-fi genre, offering more visual wizardry than a truly engaging narrative, despite Will Smith’s valiant effort in dual roles.

Available countries: Canada, Italy, Brazil, and Spain

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3. King Richard: Best Will Smith true story on Netflix

Best Will Smith true story on netflix

King Richard is a compelling sports drama driven by Will Smith’s powerful performance as Richard Williams, the father and coach of tennis legends Venus and Serena Williams. Smith’s portrayal exudes charisma and showcases the dedication of a father who believed in his daughters’ extraordinary talent.

While the film’s heart is in the right place, its storytelling occasionally falls into cliché biopic territory, lacking the depth and complexity that the Williams family’s remarkable journey deserves. Nevertheless, Smith’s standout role and the inspirational story at its core make King Richard an engaging watch, even if it doesn’t fully ace the game.

Available countries: Canada, Germany, or Japan

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4. Bad Boys: Best Will Smith action comedy on Netflix

best Will Smith action comedy on netflix

Bad Boys kicks off with the zesty chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, delivering a dose of buddy-cop action-comedy that’s a rollercoaster of wisecracks and explosive set pieces. Directed by Michael Bay, the film boasts adrenaline-fueled car chases and a barrage of bullets that keep the action enthusiasts engaged. However, beyond the fun and fury, the plot feels like a recycled template from the action genre’s playbook, lacking originality. While Smith and Lawrence’s banter provides the film’s soul, “Bad Boys” doesn’t quite break the mold despite the franchise running for one last time.

Available countries: UK, Brazil, Japan, Greece, Argentina, and more

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5. Men In Black: Best Will Smith sci-fi franchise on Netflix

Best sci-fi comedy on netflix

Men in Black showcases Will Smith’s charisma and pairs it with Tommy Lee Jones’s charm to create a delightfully odd couple of secret agents policing extraterrestrial activity on Earth. The film’s offbeat blend of sci-fi, humor, and Smith’s iconic one-liners is a winning formula. However, it’s worth noting that the movie is an adaptation of a comic book series that delves much deeper into the lore, and the film only scratches the surface of the potential intricacies in this world. Still, the chemistry between its stars and a quirky alien-filled New York City makes Men in Black a highly enjoyable and enduring piece of sci-fi comedy.

Available countries: Canada, Australia, and the UK

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6. Men In Black 3: Best Will Smith sci-fi comedy on Netflix

Best Will Smith sci-fi comedy on Netflix

Men in Black 3 reunites Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones for another round of extraterrestrial adventures, and this time, they’re joined by Josh Brolin, who delivers a spot-on impression of a younger Agent K. The film explores the backstory of these iconic characters, giving the series a new layer of depth. However, despite its entertaining time-travel premise and some humorous moments, the movie doesn’t quite recapture the magic of the original. It may leave you feeling like the franchise is stretching its extraterrestrial charms a bit thin, even if it does offer a few entertaining glimpses into the world of the Men in Black.

Available countries: UK and Australia

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7. Hancock: Best Will Smith superhero movie on Netflix

Best will smith super hero movie on netflix

Hancock takes an unconventional approach to the superhero genre, with Will Smith as the titular antihero, a boozy, surly, and misunderstood do-gooder. The film’s fresh take on the superhero archetype and its initial blend of humor and action promise something unique. However, it falters in its later half with a jumbled plot and tonal shifts that don’t quite land, leaving the audience craving more of the subversive charm of its first act. Nevertheless, Smith’s charismatic performance and the film’s intriguing premise make it a fun, if imperfect, addition to the superhero cinematic landscape.

Available countries: the UK, Canada, and Australia

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8. Ali: Realistic Will Smith biopic

Ali, driven by Will Smith’s transformative performance, effectively captures the essence of the iconic boxer’s life and turbulent times, offering a glimpse into the charismatic and complex personality of Muhammad Ali. However, despite the film’s compelling biographical aspects, it occasionally stumbles in its pacing, leading to moments that might feel more like a series of vignettes rather than a cohesive narrative. Nevertheless, Smith’s dedication and charisma shine through, making Ali a worthy tribute to a legendary figure even if it doesn’t consistently deliver a knockout punch as a complete cinematic experience.

Available countries: United Kingdom, Czechia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, and more

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9. Wild Wild West: Best Will Smith CGI Movie on Netflix

Wild Wild West is a curious relic of late-’90s Hollywood, blending Will Smith’s charm with a bizarre mix of steampunk and Western elements. However, the film’s jumbled mishmash of genres and an overreliance on special effects leave it feeling like a missed opportunity. Behind the scenes, Smith turned down the role of Neo in “The Matrix” to star in this film, a decision that significantly altered both films’ destinies. Despite its quirks and historical tidbits, Wild Wild West is more memorable for its infamous mechanical spider than for its storytelling prowess, making it a blip in Smith’s filmography.

Available countries: Canada

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10. I Am Legend: Post-apocalyptic Will Smith movie on Netflix

I Am Legend showcases Will Smith’s formidable acting talent, carrying the weight of a post-apocalyptic world seemingly devoid of human life. His portrayal is both haunting and riveting as he navigates a desolate Manhattan. However, while the film effectively creates a sense of isolation and suspense, it falters in the final act, resorting to CG creatures that feel more like a concession to typical Hollywood fare. Nevertheless, it remains an intense exploration of solitude and survival, and Smith’s performance elevates it above the average sci-fi thriller, making it a standout in his filmography.

Available countries: Australia, France, Germany, and South Korea

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11. Hitch: Best Will Smith comedy on Netflix

Hitch is a charming romantic comedy where Will Smith’s charisma shines as the ‘date doctor,’ guiding lovelorn clients in their quest for romance. The film, however, is somewhat cliché in its approach to love and relationships. Interestingly, the ‘date doctor’ concept was inspired by a real-life New York consultant, David Coleman, known as the ‘Dating Doctor.’ Despite its predictability, Smith’s endearing performance and witty humor make Hitch an enjoyable and lighthearted exploration of the intricacies of love and dating.

Available countries: Ireland, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, and more

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Conclusion: Will Smith Movies on Netflix

Whether you’re in the mood for action, comedy, or heartfelt stories, these best Will Smith movies on Netflix will keep you entertained for hours on end. So, queue up your favorites, share the laughs and tears, and let the charismatic charm of Will Smith transport you to a world of movie magic.